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All those who received their GCSE results today should aim to continue with maths post-16. Continuing to develop mathematics and data analysis skills post-16 helps young people to prepare for the future, whatever their aspirations. The ability to use maths with confidence is useful in all walks of life.

All students with a grade 4 or above who have not chosen to study AS/A level Maths should be encouraged to study Core Maths, which is specifically designed to develop students’ skill in applying maths to analyse data and solve quantitative problems in realistic contexts. This will support them in other areas of study, in future employment and in becoming effective citizens.

Schools and colleges that don’t yet offer Core Maths to their students can get expert advice and extensive support from the Advanced Maths Support Programme to help them to offer it in future years. Details of conferences to help teachers start teaching Core Maths are available on the Core Maths professional development page.

Charlie Stripp
Chief Executive

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