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Following the success of “Maths without limits” in July 2019, the second incarnation of the girls’ enrichment and careers day took place at Xaverian College, Manchester on Friday 18th October. Students attended from schools across the region. They were treated to a variety of talks, workshops and an interactive speed networking session. Inspiring female role models delivered these activities. All the girls engaged with these interactive sessions.

The day began with an insightful talk given by Executive Product Manager of the BBC, Stephanie May. Stephanie spoke about her background, career and the importance of maths in the workplace. The girls then took part in a speed networking session with a range of female STEM ambassadors. These STEM ambassadors came from a wide range of professions, including neuroscientists, actuaries, mathematicians and software developers. The girls learnt about their current roles, as well as the education pathways that took them there. The careers theme continued with an informative and engaging session led by Rachel Beddoes, where the girls looked at the use of maths in different real-life settings. After lunch, the students were treated to a hands-on coding session delivered by Dr Katie Chicot. There was a real buzz in the room as the girls enjoyed the competition element whilst exploring this interesting application of maths.

The event was a great success. The girls were introduced to various career pathways available through studying mathematical subjects, as well as meeting inspiring female role models and taking part in fun activities. Feedback from the students highlighted how much they valued the event. Some of the girls’ comments are included below:

  • “Loved the speed dating with women from different maths-related careers”
  • “It puts maths into a different light”
  • “Opened up my mind to different kinds of jobs”
  • “Enjoyed it! Very interesting variety”
  • “It has made me want to continue with maths”
  • “I am thankful that events like this can happen to encourage people. It will have a positive impact”
  • “It helped me see how many jobs require/use maths”
  • “It is useful for students struggling to choose A levels”
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