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Students may well be choosing options at the moment, which provides a good opportunity to look at the maths-related careers materials that are around.

You can access our Where maths meets… the world of work! activities; these consist of a short video with follow-up activities designed to last an hour and to be suitable for Key Stage 3 or 4. The videos feature a Data Detective, urban regeneration, a freelance filmmaker, and someone who works for a cause that they’re passionate about.

Our Dig Deeper resources are a collection of links to other websites and to resources that we highly recommend. Some focus specifically on maths, some more widely on STEM subjects, and some are aimed particularly at girls. The Maths Careers website is a great starting point.

There are so many resources and organisations that want to help young people realise that STEM could be for them. If you’re interested in further resources, you can download our summary with relevant links and descriptions.

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