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Maths hubs in the West Midlands region are starting to look towards next year and working with the new cohorts of Mastery Specialists. Applications are invited for the following roles:

Secondary Mastery Specialist

What is involved?

  • Year One: you participate in several professional development events and focus on developing your own classroom teaching
  • Year two: your focus is on developing teaching for mastery approaches within you own department and honing your skills in leading professional development
  • Year Three and beyond: you support key teachers in other local schools to develop a teaching for mastery approach within their own departments

All the time, you keep in touch with other specialists across the country in online groups. You can share experiences and continue developmental conversations.

What is the Cost?

The Secondary Mastery Specialist Programme is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating schools.

This link gives full details of the programme and the application process – Secondary Mastery Specialists | NCETM

FE Mastery Specialist

This is a new programme for 2023/24.

Who can take part?

The programme is aimed at those who teach GCSE Mathematics resit and/or Functional Skills Qualifications (FSQs).

Establishments nominating teachers for this role would be committed to the development of teaching for mastery in the lead teacher’s classroom and, in the second year, enabling collaborative development across the maths department/faculty.

What is involved?

Participating FE establishments will nominate a lead teacher to develop as a Mastery Specialist and follow a minimum two-year programme.

Two cohorts will run in 2023/24: a Trailblazer cohort, and Cohort 1.

  • Trailblazer cohort will start in the summer term 2023. This is a pilot programme for a small number of participants who will have the opportunity to evaluate content and inform planning for Cohort 1. The Trailblazer cohort will be approximately three to four months ahead of Cohort 1 in their training and development. Members of the Trailblazer cohort will become members of the Local Leaders in Mathematics Education (LLME) community within their Maths Hub.
  • Cohort 1 will start in the autumn term 2023 and will form the first full cohort of 40 Mastery Specialists.

During the first year, for both the Trailblazer cohort and Cohort 1, the emphasis will be on the lead teacher developing their knowledge, understanding and skills of teaching for mastery in their own establishment.

What is the cost?

The Further Education Mastery Specialist Programme is fully funded by the Maths Hub Programme so is free to participating FE establishments.

This link gives full details – Further Education Mastery Specialists | NCETM

The closing date for all applications is 31st March 2023.

All the Level 3 Work Groups in the region have started, but if you wish to join, contact your local hub for more details. If you would like to be involved in a group next year, let your hub know, and they will contact you nearer the time.

The Maths Hubs in our region are:

The Central Maths Hub

Glow Maths Hub

North Mids and Peaks Maths Hub

Origin Maths Hub

SHaW Maths Hub

If you are unsure which hub your school or college is linked to, follow this link to find out which hub you belong to.

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