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Sadly, our Maths Feasts won’t be running as normal this spring, but there are still a few different ways to get your Year 10 students involved with the activities that we are running.

Our National Online Maths Feast allows you to run the competition in your own school, using the Maths Feast resources that will be supplied to you electronically. This will allow for more teams from each school to compete against each other and can be run at any point over a series of four day windows.

In the East Midlands region, we are offering Live Online Maths Feasts. These are more like the usual events, hosted by local Area Coordinators and involve a limited number of teams per school competing against other schools. The resources will be sent to your school in advance. More details will be available shortly, but you may like to reserve the date. We’re running Live Online Maths Feasts on the dates below:

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