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After nearly two years of no face-to-face enrichment, the AMSP’s Maths Feasts are back with a vengeance! This very popular Year 10 event was delivered to schools in the Gainsborough, Grimsby and Grantham area, and was received with great anticipation and vigour. There’s no doubt that these face-to-face events didn’t disappoint – they generated an energy and enthusiasm that online events can find hard to match.

Maths Feasts are fun educational maths challenges for students in Year 10 that we deliver to develop students’ problem solving and teamwork skills. Our Maths Feasts are delivered over four rounds of questions, each with a different emphasis, with students working either individually, in pairs or as a team. Each round has a specific time period, so time management plays a big part in maximising a team’s score for each of the rounds. Students must make decisions on how best to tackle the problems, resulting in mathematical conversations between team members which are a joy to behold. All of the schools seemed to really enjoy the various maths challenges, and appreciated the juice and biscuits that the hosting schools provided for all participants. The feedback from teachers was overwhelmingly positive, as can be seen by some of the comments below:

  • Great day out, the students loved it and it gave us all a boost. Brilliantly run and tough to pick my least favourite round as they’re all good.
  • The event was fantastic, and we all really enjoyed it. The questions were challenging, and the facilitators were very engaging. Thank you again and I look forward to attending in future.
  • A great event – the students enjoyed it enormously and we’d definitely like to get involved again. Thanks.
  • The students had a great time and certainly would be keen to take part in future competitions.
  • Brilliant fun, such a positive environment and outing, thanks very much for having us.
  • I thought all rounds were great students thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks.

If reading this makes you feel hungry for some maths, you can appease your mathematical appetite by checking out the materials used at previous Maths Feasts here. If you need any help in setting up or running a Maths Feast in your school, please contact me ([email protected]) and I will be happy to help!

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