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MESME (Maths Education for Social Mobility and Excellence) is working in partnership with the AMSP to offer Match Circles to schools. MESME Maths Circles is a new enrichment opportunity for high attainers.

A MESME Maths Circle is a weekly extra-curricular maths club, led by a maths teacher. In a MESME Circle, a small group of students come together to grapple with intriguing questions, discover and explore exciting ideas, develop their mathematical thinking, and  expand their mathematical curiosity.

Students participate in ten sessions each term and follow a precisely sequenced and carefully structured curriculum. Over time, they become more adventurous, more articulate and more accepting problem solvers. For students that join a Maths Circle in Y7, we aim to offer a continuous experience that would ultimately support application to university.

Each Circle session lasts one hour. There should be 6 to 8 students in each Circle. Participating students should be high attainers and in Year 7 or 8 when they start the MESME programme. At least one third of students must be from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In the East Midlands, MESME will support you to start one or more Circles in January 2023. All the resources, materials and training you will need for your Circles are completely free and easy to use.

Please contact your local AMSP Area Coordinator to get involved.

By Stephen Wilkinson

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