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Over recent months, the AMSP have published a range of resources to aid you and your students with the teaching and learning of maths. Below is a summary of the resources, and links to where you can find them on the AMSP website.

We’re delighted to be supporting Maths Week England 2020, which runs from 9-14 November. Alongside MEI, we are providing several new resources, activities and competitions to engage students from KS2 to KS5, which are linked to this great initiative. You can access all of them from our Maths Week England webpage.

You may be experiencing challenging times due to limitations imposed by COVID-19. You might find that you have less time in school to provide information, advice and guidance to support students in deciding on their post-16 subject choices, and sixth form open events might not be able to happen in the usual ways. A wide range of resources to support students’ transition to level 3 maths courses are available on our website, and we encourage you to share these fantastic resources with your colleagues to support the promotion of level 3 maths. Two exciting new additions are:

  • Six online taster sessions: two each for Core Maths (Finance and Fermi Estimation), A level Mathematics (Infinite series and Logarithms), and A level Further Mathematics (Complex numbers and matrices). The sessions give students a flavour of what it is like to study each of these qualifications. Each consists of an introductory video followed by an interactive ‘lesson’ for the student to work through at their own pace. The materials could be used in the classroom, but have been specifically designed to require minimal teacher input so that students can work on them independently for greater flexibility.
  • A suite of ‘Why study maths?’ resources, designed for use at open days and similar events. In addition to updated PowerPoint slides and accompanying notes, there are now three pre-recorded videos available that can be used as part of virtual open days or linked to from your school’s website. The videos are titled What are the post-16 options?, What are the career opportunities? and What are the options after studying post-16 maths?

Although October was Black History Month, our range of resources and links to support maths teachers as they plan learning opportunities are still available on our website.

The AMSP aims to increase participation in Core Maths, AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, and improve the teaching of these level 3 maths qualifications. The programme prioritises support for state-funded schools and colleges in areas of low social mobility so that all students – whatever their ethnicity, gender or background – can have access to high quality teaching and choose their best post-16 maths pathway.

In previous years, October has been one of the few times of the year when there is a focus on the achievements of black people in Britain. The events of 2020 suggest that this is not enough – black history cannot just be covered in one month of the year. However, Black History Month 2020 can be a time for schools and college communities to come together and to learn lessons from the past for the present and the future.

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