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Val Pritchard, AC for Hertfordshire

Bushey Meads School in Watford provided a very warm welcome for teachers, and AMSP team members Sharon Tripconey and Val Pritchard, for a day of professional learning on Friday 30 November. The aim of the day was to focus on exploring the connections between selected topics that are common to A level Further Mathematics specifications. Through the use of technology and classroom tasks, we explored teaching and learning ideas for complex numbers, Maclaurin series and hyperbolic functions. The day was well received and rated as “excellent” by all.

  • “A really interesting day, great to go through various topics and their connections”
  • “GeoGebra demonstrations and ‘play time’ was excellent”
  • “Useful to look at methods of visualising complex numbers”
  • “Helpful to consider resources and activities that could be used with students in developing an understanding of topics”
  • “GeoGebra – definitely going to use this in lessons”
  • “Allowed me to make links between areas that have not been on the same modular exam paper before and to think deeper and in a different way”

If you missed the opportunity to attend this course and would like support with pure maths topics for A level Further Mathematics then we recommend that you consider joining our Teaching Further Mathematics course, which starts in January.

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