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In September 2020 the final project report of the Leeds University research The early uptake of Core Maths; successes and challenges was published. This three-year research project, led by Matt Homer and Rachel Mathieson, was funded by the Nuffield Foundation, to consider the ways in which Core Maths has been embedded by schools and colleges during the early years after it was launched, and provide recommendations about how Core Maths uptake might increased.

Over the last year, the Leeds research team have used additional funding to continue to raise the profile of Core Maths, encourage its take-up in schools and colleges, and promote its benefits, particularly to HE, thereby contributing to the UK government’s ambition to increase post-16 mathematics participation. This work was carried out with support from the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme and the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM).

This exciting work has culminated a series of engaging videos, designed for a number of audiences including senior leaders, teachers, employers and students, each with an associated briefing document. These materials demonstrate clearly the value placed on Core Maths by schools and colleges who have already embedded the qualification within their level 3 programme of study, and the hugely positive impact it’s had on student experiences more widely across their studies.

The Leeds videos and briefing documents will help to support the ongoing drive to increase participation in level 3 Core Maths and encourage even more schools and colleges to offer this valuable qualification.

For more information about Core Maths visit our website where teachers can view strategies for offering Core Maths, students can learn about Core Maths, and universities can find out more about the content and structure of Core Maths.

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