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On Friday 22 November, 90 students and their teachers attended a KS4 STEM Careers event in Croydon. The students had the opportunity to work directly with employers, who demonstrated the value of continuing to study maths post-16 for a variety of career options through a series of hands-on workshops. Students participated in four different employer-led workshops, identifying how maths was helpful for each of the different careers and other essential skills, fulfilling Gatsby Benchmark 5. In addition, teachers had the opportunity to identify links between curriculum learning and careers, fulfilling Gatsby Benchmark 4.

The workshops also provided some insight into the age-old question, “When am I ever going to need that?”

The day finished with a Dragon Quiz which involved students working in teams with students from other schools to answer questions, giving students the opportunity to improve their mathematical communication skills and make new friends.

By Sinead Vaughan

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