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During December, a number of Network meetings will be running throughout the area, looking at the June 2019 A level Mathematics papers.

These sessions will look at the AQA and Edexcel June 2019 papers and analyse some of the key questions’ performance data, highlighting the common errors reported by the examiners. The grade distributions will be illustrated for the AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics examinations, as well as sharing and explaining how the grade boundaries were set in June 2019.


These sessions will be led by David McEwan. David is the Curriculum Manager for Maths at AQA and was the Qualifications Manager for Post-16 Maths during the initial stages A-level reform. Prior to working at AQA he was a teacher of mathematics for 10 years in Surrey and Hampshire.


Rob Cackett, Senior Products Manager for Maths qualifications at Pearson will lead the session and be available for questions

By Raj Kumar and Jean Smith

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