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Jean Smith, AC for East Riding of Yorkshire, City of Kingston upon Hull, North Yorkshire and York

This term’s Hull meeting looked at the benefits of introducing Core Maths to students not taking A level Mathematics but doing other A levels which require a good understanding of maths concepts. It can also help with recruitment and retainment of students for your school and the Advanced Maths Premium offers a financial benefit to the school. The Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub is keen to offer a level 3 collaboration group for the Hull area which will focus on supporting schools new to Core Maths.

The AMSP is offering Core Maths PD days for teachers new to Core Maths. Details can be found on our events pages.

Look out for our meetings next term in Hull and York. You can email me with suggestions for next year’s meetings which could include looking at A level Mathematics or Further Mathematics topics/exams, or continuing with a focus of Core Maths.

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