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Jean Smith, AC for East Riding of Yorkshire, City of Kingston upon Hull, North Yorkshire and York

If you missed our one day PD events Functions and Graphs and Reasoning and Proof in 2017 or 2018, you may be interested in a one-day combination course of both GCSE topics, offered in June at the Freedom Centre, Hull.

The day is split into two separate parts. You can book to attend the morning’s Reasoning and Proof session or the afternoon’s Functions and Graphs session – or both! We will cover some aspects of both algebraic and geometric proof in the morning. During the afternoon, we will be looking at different types of graphs, trigonometric graphs, transformations and tangents as well as exponential and real life graphs.

As calculator work is becoming more important each teacher who attends will receive a free Casio classwiz calculator and guide. For more information, visit the booking page!

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