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Kristin Coldwell, AC for Bedfordshire, Luton, Milton Keynes and Norfolk, and Val Pritchard, AC for Hertfordshire 

As teachers continue to adapt to the second year of the new A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, we have had our ninth round of network meetings in Hertfordshire.

Groups in West and East Herts looked at issues surrounding assessment and, in particular, how to give students suitable mock and practice papers. The Central Herts and North Herts groups considered resources with a comparison of different textbooks, online resources and potential uses of GeoGebra and Autograph. For meetings in the spring term, we will rotate these themes and add in meetings on mechanics and statistics.

Network meetings also took place in Bedfordshire, Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Norfolk this term. All of these groups examined common themes from the summer’s exams, mark schemes and examiners’ reports, and considered implications for pedagogy going forward. In addition to the increased emphasis on proof, problem-solving and modelling, teachers were struck by the need for mathematical rigour and precise communication. Use of technology including calculators in and out of exams also continues to be a talking point.

Dates of the spring network meetings in these areas will appear in the AMSP events listing shortly. Please email your local area coordinator to register your interest and suggest any agenda items which are of interest to you.

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