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Simon Dawson, AC for Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield

Core Maths is growing in schools across the country; not just in the number of students taking the qualification, but in the number of institutions offering it. It’s a fantastic course that allows all pupils to further their study of key maths skills for the university and employment. Core Maths can be studied over one year or two, and is worth the same amount of UCAS point as an AS level. As other A level qualifications require greater mathematical skills (Science, Psychology, Economics being just a few examples), Core Maths can support students who struggle to meet this demand.

If your school or college is considering offering Core Maths, the Advanced Maths Premium is a great incentive, giving £600 per pupil (assuming A level and Further Maths numbers are maintained). Just 15 pupils studying Core Maths will bring your school an additional £9,000. If you’re a post 16 school and not offering the course, then you should seriously consider doing so.

Need more convincing? The AMSP will warmly receive any teachers interested in or currently teaching Core Maths at the Outwood Conference Centre in Aldwick, Doncaster on Thursday 22 November. We’ll take a look at the different courses available and how to plan and deliver Core Maths content in a way that is engaging and interesting. The event is a must for all teachers involved in Core Maths!

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