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We can’t wait for the International Day of Maths (IDM) 2022!

To celebrate, we’ve developed an investigation and a competition for your students to try that both look at how we can study how united we are across the world, based on this year’s theme of Mathematics Unites.

We’ll launch the investigation in a short (10 minutes) pre-recorded presentation that will look at how closely connected we all are. It will be made available on our website on IDM 2022 (March14 2022).

The competition is based on the investigation and is designed to be run in one lesson. To take part, your students will need to produce a poster showing their investigation. There will be prizes for winning entries, and we’ll be judging based on mathematical content, as well as artistic flair shown!

This activity is suitable for all 11-16 students. It doesn’t rely on understanding of maths beyond Key Stage 2, however the application of the maths will be new to most, if not all.

You can find out more and register for the festivities on our website

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