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If you have access to A level Integral, read on to see some of the new developments that you can access – and if you don’t, read on to see what you’re missing!

The teams at the AMSP and MEI have been busy developing Desmos and GeoGebra resources for Integral, and these will be added to the website as a rolling programme of updates.

There are graphing resources, set up to allow students to explore the maths and build their own learning. These can, of course, be used by teachers too: as flipped learning, as a model, as a basis for key questions…

For example:

AS Quadratic functions 1: Quadratic Graphs and Equations Teaching Activities Teaching Activity 5

The Desmos version is step-by-step instructions on how to set up the activity in Desmos calculator, then questions and tasks to try.

You can try the GeoGebra version, if you’re more familiar with that software.

Jigsaw matching activities can be completed on paper or card, but also through Desmos Classroom as card sorts. These include answer keys, prompts for pupils, and brief teacher notes. Where the jigsaw involves a large number of pieces, multiple versions of the activity will be available based on different aspects of the maths. Again these can be used in multiple ways, including as flipped learning or as homework.

For example:

AS Differentiation 1: Introduction to differentiation Teaching Activities Teaching Activity 4

This domino has been set up as an ordered list, with answer key for teachers.

Don’t already have access to the Integral teaching resources? Register your school with the AMSP to get access, free for state-funded schools and colleges.

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