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l Moxon, AC for Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland

Responding to requests from schools with Participation Plans, the North East AC team have been providing revision and enrichment events for schools covering the new A level.

So far, we have provided three full day sessions on the statistics element of the new A level Mathematics course. The school that hosted these events opened the days to other schools who were also interested in the support. The first day at Thorp Academy in Gateshead also had students from Southmoor Academy in Sunderland attend, while the day at Heaton Manor in Newcastle welcomed students from Dukes Secondary School Ashington, and students from Bede Stockton attended sessions at Dyke House Hartlepool. These days were a mix of revision – looking at the large data set, sampling, hypothesis testing – and some enrichment based around binomial distributions and probability. Thanks to Paul Chillingworth, Paul Wilson and Rob Lamb, who helped present sessions at these events.

Over the next couple of weeks revision for the pure maths element will be taking place in three venues; Monkwearmouth Academy, Sunderland College and Newcastle College. The demand for support for revision has increased due to the first examination of the new linear A level. In future, we may reinstate the larger revision events we used to host across the region, so if you feel these would be of interest to your school please let us know by emailing me.

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