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Do you teach one or more high attaining A level Further Mathematics students?

Imperial Further mA*ths project teacher support is a new addition to our On Demand Professional Development (ODPD) courses, and aims to help you support your high-attaining students to achieve an A* in A level Further Mathematics. The course complements Imperial College’s Further mA*ths Online Programme, developed in partnership with MEI, which gives eligible A level Further Mathematics students access to tailored online support alongside face-to-face masterclasses and study days.

The course provides you with practical resources and approaches that can be adapted across a range of A level Further Mathematics topics, and explores aspects of maths content and pedagogy in depth.

The course is divided into six units:

  • Introduction to Matrices
  • Roots of Polynomials
  • Complex Numbers: Modulus-Argument Form and Loci
  • 2×2 Matrices: Determinants and Inverses
  • Matrix Transformations
  • Mathematical induction

Each unit has four sections: Spotlight on…, Differentiation, A challenging task, and Unpicking a question (from the accompanying student online course). Each section contains a short video, prompts for reflection, and the opportunity to interact with other participating teachers via online forums.

You can access course materials at any time of the day over a period of up to one year, providing you with total flexibility. You can also track your progress within the course.

The course is only available to teachers working in state-funded schools and colleges in England. It is free of charge.

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