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In these days of social distancing and isolation, our working days have changed immensely. The days of seeing up to 150 (or more) students per day – with all their chatter and eagerness to learn – even after the Easter break, seem like fond and distant memories.

Life has been different – I have attended many more meetings online and two especially have stood out, because they introduced me to the Desmos classroom. I had heard of it before, and had even investigated it a tiny bit, but I had never experienced it from a learning perspective. Many of you will have used it and will be experts but, if not, it is worth taking a look at, especially with distance learning for your students being the current norm.

I thought I would put together a few screens for those unfamiliar to the Desmos classroom, with a variety of activities for you to try. They are not perfect and are the result of a couple of hours (or maybe slightly more) of playing, but they may give you some food for thought and hopefully some inspiration too. Enjoy.

The link to the screens provided above will give you the experience of using Desmos as a student but, if you would like a teacher link, please get in touch. If you are interested in further ideas and information on how to get started with Desmos, please visit the MEI website.

If you would like any more information on using Desmos in the classroom, please feel free to contact me.

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