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This event took place online as part of the series of Core Maths Support Groups organised by the AMSP. There is a support group for anyone involved in teaching Core Maths – you can view the full range on the AMSP website.

We began the session for those new to teaching Core Maths by exploring a set of Fermi Estimation starters, which were developed by Minnie Gloor for her own students in Buckinghamshire. This was the starter that we used:

Teachers also tried out a multiple-choice finance quiz and an activity called Making a Living, which introduces students to the idea of salaries for different jobs increasing but also decreasing because of different factors over 20 years, but also to the element of chance in life (we used a dice). These were well-received by our delegates, but most useful was the discussion which took place around teaching, assessment, and resource ideas. Feedback was very positive from all delegates. We were lucky enough to have a very experienced teacher of Core Maths who was keen to support those just beginning to teach it. He was able to answer a lot of the queries raised by the delegates. All delegates that attended have indicated that they want to sign up to our next session.

Why attend one of these events? Because it’s always good to talk to others and share ideas. As one of the delegates said, “it was good just to chat about what’s going on with other teachers”. Annother delegate said, “The open discussions were great as it answered my questions and gave me lots of places to look for things”.

You can view more information and sign up for a Core Maths Support Group on the AMSP website.

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