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Kimberley Sixth Form College was the perfect venue for teachers who travelled from Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes for a day of subject knowledge enhancement on the main topics featured in Further Mechanics specifications.

Our knowledgeable and experienced presenter, Sue de Pomerai, started each session with some context to build understanding of the topic, before going through short practical demonstrations and hands-on experiments which could be used in the classroom. These practicals did not include specialist equipment or careful measurement which would be too time-consuming to fit in to Further Mathematics lessons, but used everyday items and gave teachers (and ultimately their students) a feel for the physical situations being modelled in maths questions.

Some time was also given to working through exam questions to better appreciate what will be expected of students. Sue’s expertise and relaxed presenting style helped to build teachers’ confidence in the topics, and the feedback was universally positive from those who attended.

Please check the AMSP website for further professional development opportunities or contact your local Area Coordinator to help you find the most appropriate course to meet your needs.

Feedback from participants includes:

As always, knowledgeable and engaging presenter, great resources and time well spent.

Found it very useful to think about adding a practical element to the teaching and learning.

The practicals were very useful and the links to other resources. Being faced with legacy/current exam questions was also very useful.

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