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How quickly we change and adapt to the circumstances around us! Only a few weeks ago, a group of Year 10 girls were coming together to participate in the challenge and fun of enrichment events. Probably the last enrichment event in the area was attended by students from five local schools, who were welcomed by staff and students at Mayfield School.

It was good to see the teamwork as the girls worked out how to make a skeletal octahedron with very little instruction, and raced each other to solve problems in an attempt to make the longest dragon in the popular Dragon Quiz. In addition to this, the girls were treated to a workshop on Bridge Building and another on Spearman’s Rank Coefficient, where they looked into some of the applications of mechanics and statistics in a way that they could see how useful maths really is.

Some feedback that we received from the students who attended included:

  • It challenged me.
  • Great day that opened opportunities.
  • It will help me with Geography and Maths.
  • It was fun and challenging.
  • I realised how much maths is used.

Under the current circumstances, we all miss the opportunities to work together. Teamwork and interaction are particularly difficult in remote classrooms but I’m sure that, as soon as we are safely able to, enrichment days such as these will once again be a normal part of maths education.

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