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Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just discovering the wonderful world of Core Maths, whether you’re a maths specialist with a love for context or a context specialist with a love for maths, whether you’re new to level 3 professional development or you think you’ve seen it all before, the AMSP has something for you this summer. Registration is now open for a number of courses and events that we’re running throughout June and July for you to indulge in and finally escape the TAG progress!

For teachers and leaders who are joining the Core Maths family for the first time, our So you’ve decided to do Core Maths, what now? event will provide helpful support for getting ready for next year. It will compare the content of the different Level 3 Core Maths qualifications, share ideas on how to promote the course to your students, cover possible approaches to timetabling, and give information on where to find resources and other useful tips. There will also be the opportunity to discuss ideas with other teachers new to Core Maths, as well as an experienced Core Maths advocate.

Our Core Maths foundations Live Online Professional Development (LOPD) course provides a sound foundation for teachers wishing to begin professional development to teach Core Maths. It comprises four topics which appear in the Higher Level GCSE Mathematics course and in early Level 3 maths courses – these topics have been chosen because they present an opportunity to secure a solid and flexible understanding which can then be relied on in further study. This course stands as a pre-requisite to our Core Maths Common Topics LOPD course which will be running later this year.

We’re running Cross Curricula Collaboration & Core Maths, an online Core Maths event aimed at maths teachers and teachers of A level subjects such as (but not exclusively) Biology, Geography and Psychology. The event is relevant for teachers of any A level subject where there is high mathematical content. It will focus on raising cross-curricula awareness between maths and non-maths specialists, and we’ll look at some of the maths skills taught in the Level 3 Core Maths qualification and where there’s overlap with what’s required in other A level subjects. We’ll also cover building collaboration between maths teachers and teachers of other A level subjects where there is high mathematical content.

If you’re a teacher who has some experience of teaching Core Maths (or not), the return of our Core Maths Summer Festival may be for you. The Festival features an extensive series of interactive workshops, each designed to enthuse, challenge and enlighten you around a theme related to Core Maths. It’s designed to appeal to any teacher who would like to bring their contextualised mathematics lessons to life. From making sense of dodgy graphs, to understanding your mortgage, to how to avoid being crushed in a packed Wembley stadium, there are plenty of individual sessions to enjoy.

If you’d like to talk to other teachers and Core Maths specialists to ask questions and share ideas, our Core Maths Specification Networks will enable you to do just this. There are separate groups for each Core Maths syllabus so you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with teachers who are teaching the same content as you.

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