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We’re excited to open bookings for our free Core Maths Winter Festival for 2022! Kicking off in January, we’ve got six inspirational online talks on subjects from climate modelling to ‘how not to be wrong’ that we hope will leave you feeling enthused, challenged and enlightened. You can view more information on the session presenters and content in the Festival programme.

All of our Festival sessions are suitable for all maths teachers, regardless of how much experience of Core Maths you have (if any!). We’d also encourage teachers of other subjects that contain mathematical content to attend, such as Biology, Geography and Social Science. Please let your colleagues know about the Festival!

Our Core Maths Winter Festival will take place in January 2022, and the online sessions available to book are:

You can view more information and apply for sessions on the AMSP website.

Our Core Maths Winter Festival is free for teachers working in state-funded schools, colleges and academies in England. Teachers based in other parts of the UK or in independent schools and colleges may apply, but places will only be allocated if there is availability.

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