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David Tuhey, AC for North East Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire

Our KS4 enrichment event was held at the UTC in Lincoln, just 200 yards from where George Boole was born. The presentation focused on George Boole’s contribution to the digital age and how, seventy years after his death, Claude Shannon used Boolean algebra to design electronic circuitry which is at the heart of everything that we use.

From our mobile phones and computers to all electrical home appliances, we all rely on Boolean algebra. The presentation also highlighted the diverse range of maths applications by considering only KS4 mathematics. This included politics, sport, medicine, crime and miscarriages of justice. The event was well received by both staff and students, as can be testified by the glowing comments below:

  • “the presentation was entertaining and enjoyable”
  • “it was very informative and makes you realise what maths is used for”
  • “it was easy to follow and very interesting to see the different ways maths is used in day to day life”
  • “thank you so much for coming to our school and telling us about George Boole best maths lesson ever”

You can find more enrichment events in the East Midlands on our events listing.

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