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We’ve published a range of free online support for your students who are making the transition to a different level of study this summer, to help them to prepare and progress with confidence.

Transition from GCSE to level 3 study

The transition from GCSE to AS/A level Mathematics, Further Mathematics, and/or level 3 Core Maths is often challenging for some students. We’ve made various resources available that will help your students to consolidate the skills and topics learned at GCSE, in preparation for level 3 study:

  • Our Essential Skills materials are made up of six sets of resources that each focus on consolidating an essential cross-topic skill from Higher Tier GCSE Mathematics. Each set contains basic skills checks, problems to explore, and enrichment and extension activities. They’re designed for Year 11 students who intend to study maths at A level.
  • Our Transition to A level Mathematics course is an interactive online course that aims to give students the confidence that they’re ready to start A level Mathematics. It aims to improve understanding – not just fluency with skills – by delving deeper into GCSE content. The course is designed for Year 11 students who intend to study maths at A level, and will support these students when they begin their A level Mathematics course in September.
  • Our Core Maths Skills course will help students to revise the maths skills they’ll need for their level 3 studies, and includes full solutions to all questions and automatically marked online tests. It’s designed for Year 11 students who are predicted a good pass or better in GCSE Mathematics, and who are intending to study A level subjects such as Biology, Psychology, Geography, Business; level 3 vocational courses; and/or level 3 Core Maths. It will support these students during the first two terms of their courses in Year 12.

Transition from level 3 study to university

Registrations are now open for our Transition to University Course 2023, which is designed for students who are:

  • currently in Year 13 or taking a gap year.
  • studying A level Mathematics.
  • planning to begin studying a degree in maths, engineering, sciences, or closely related subjects such as economics in 2023 (or choosing to defer their entry until 2024).

The course is designed to support Year 13 students to study at their own pace to consolidate key A level topics. It also introduces some new topics that will be valuable additional study in preparation for undergraduate degree courses in areas such as maths, engineering, or sciences.

Our Transition to University Course 2023 is comprised of presentations, notes, exercises, and other self-study resources. Students can complete formative assessments for each topic so that they can check their progress and understanding.

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