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Jean Smith, AC for East Riding of Yorkshire, City of Kingston upon Hull, North Yorkshire and York

The AMSP team in Yorkshire and the Humber have been busy offering free enrichment events to schools and colleges in Hull, hoping to inspire students to continue with maths post-GCSE. All events held at the University of Hull’s Conference Centre were well-attended and offered three workshop sessions, a lunchtime quiz and a final inspirational talk.

For the Key Stage 4 event, the workshops included the Fun Maths Roadshow, ‘The Mathematical Madness of the Moebius Strip’, exploring alternative geometries and ‘Welcome to the Mathegraphical Domain’. The final talk was ‘Patterns and Predictions’ by Colin Wright. Our event for Year 8 looked at the maths of the Rubik’s Cube, ‘Magic Maths’ and ‘A Picture Paints a Thousand Numbers’, and similarly welcomed a Fun Maths Roadshow. The final talk, ‘Shapes and Smoke Rings’, was delivered by Zoe Griffiths. 

We also held our Year 10 contest, Maths Feast, in Hull and York. This saw teams of students battle out against four ‘courses’ of maths problems, earning prizes for winning rounds, teamwork and good problem-solving. 

The AMSP team is always on-hand to deliver free enrichment for Low Participation Area (LPA) schools and colleges to request in-house. These sessions include careers talks, problem-solving workshops, the Fun Maths Roadshow, an Introduction to Core Maths, and the Dragon Maths Quiz. Schools can request a visit to talk through which of those sessions would best inspire their students.

If you are in the LPA (like Hull) and have not yet booked your free sessions, please contact Jean Smith to arrange a visit. The next large enrichment event is at York St John’s University on 21st June, and you can find details on our event description

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