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February 2022 saw the first face-to-face Maths Feasts take place since March 2020. We had the pleasure of running one of the first Maths Feasts in the South West region this year, and it was amazing to see the students working collaboratively as a team on the different rounds within the Feast. Overhearing the discussions, seeing the approaches that the students took for the variety of problems, and hearing their satisfaction when they solved the problems was great.

For those who aren’t aware, the AMSP’s Maths Feasts are student enrichment events where schools put forward a team of four of their best Year 10 mathematicians to compete against other schools in a number of problem-solving rounds. We offer a range of Maths Feasts in February and March each year – all of the remaining Maths Feasts in the South West region are fully booked, but keep an eye on our events page for next year’s Feasts!

We know that it’s still difficult to take students out of school for enrichment events. The numbers attending this year’s Maths Feasts so far have been slightly lower than they were pre-Covid due to additional spacing and other considerations, but the events were a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all involved as always.

As well as our Maths Feasts, we also offer a range of enrichment events that can be held in your school for your pupils, held alongside groups from other schools, or accessed online. You can find different types of enrichment events for your 11-16 maths students and your AS/A level Mathematics students on our website.

If you’d like any further information, please get in touch with your local Area Coordinator.

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