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Data Science is a really exciting field of study that has an impact on many areas of modern life and underpins most modern artificial intelligence algorithms. The quantity of data available has increased substantially in the last 20 years. Being skilled at working with data will be a key part of many Core Maths/A level Maths students’ futures.

In this short course we will look at some of the key ideas behind data science and how they differ from traditional school statistics. This will enable you to highlight these ideas to your students when you are teaching statistics and also promote the study of data science as a suitable next step for any interested students.

The key concepts we will cover are:

  • The importance of pre-processing data
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Building models from data with machine learning
  • Bias in machine learning and artificial intelligence

Key details

Curriculum focus:Core Maths, A level Mathematics
Mathematical focus:Statistics, Use of Technology
Format:Live online PD
Course length:3 hour(s)

Who will benefit from attending?

Teachers of Core Maths or A level Mathematics who wish to enhance their teaching of data handling/statistics by including ideas from data science.

This course is primarily aimed at teachers of Core Maths. Teachers who only teach A level Mathematics are welcome on the course. If you do not currently teach Core Maths please tick “We haven’t yet decided” when responding to the “Which Core Maths specification and option is your school following or plans to follow?” question on the application form.

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