Teaching Discrete Mathematics

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Teaching Discrete Mathematics (TD) is a professional development course which has been written specifically for the new Mathematics A levels and is certificated by MEI. Discrete Mathematics now exists exclusively within Further Mathematics. The content in the TD course appears under three titles in the specifications published by the different Awarding Organisations:

  • Discrete Mathematics - AQA & OCR A
  • Decision Mathematics - Edexcel
  • Modelling with Algorithms - OCR B (MEI)

The TD course covers the majority of content for all awarding organisations, including all common elements. There are two separate units, TD1 and TD2. TD1 covers the discrete/decision maths content in AS level Further Mathematics. TD2 covers the discrete/decision maths content in A level Further Mathematics.

The course aims to enable participants to:

  • gain a deep understanding of the application of algorithms to a wide range of problems
  • develop skills with using standard algorithms to solve optimisation problems
  • learn project planning processes which minimise overall costs and make best use of available resources
  • develop confidence with incorporating practical work within mathematics teaching
  • be able to link topics in Discrete/Decision Mathematics with other areas of maths

Course structure

TD provides the opportunity for sustained professional development. TD is a blended course which comprises dedicated web-based learning resources, scheduled live online tutorials and face-to-face study days in Coventry. For TD1 starting in January 2019, study days will be held in London.

The course consists of two separate units:

Each unit is scheduled over a half-year period. The content of TD1 is a prerequisite for TD2. Some participants study TD1 followed by TD2. Applicants with sufficient prior knowledge of the TD1 content may elect to study only TD2. However, it should be noted that TD1 includes topics that were not included in D1 legacy specifications.

Who should apply?

TD is designed for A level Mathematics teachers who are new to teaching Discrete/Decision Mathematics or who have previously taught D1 but who wish to broaden and deepen their understanding. Suitable applicants would include:

  • an experienced teacher of A level Mathematics who wishes to learn more about discrete mathematics
  • an individual, currently not teaching in a school, who wishes to undertake a sustained professional development course to prepare for future employment
  • a teacher seeking to gain certification that may give them more options in the future
  • a teacher wanting to develop their own subject knowledge to enable them to confidently and competently teach discrete maths as part of their A level teaching
  • a teacher who has completed Teaching A level Mathematics (TAM), Teaching Further Mathematics (TFM), Teaching Mechanics (TM) or Teaching Statistics (TS).

Course dates

TD1 is scheduled from January to June 2019 - TD1 Study Schedule (January 2019)

TD2 is scheduled from February to July 2019 - TD2 Study Schedule (February 2019)

Course fees

The fee for TD1 is £300.

The fee for TD2 is £300.

Teachers working in state-funded schools or colleges in England are eligible to have their course fees fully reimbursed on completion of the course. Teachers working in AMSP Priority Areas qualify for a subsidy in addition to their course fee reimbursement. Please visit the AMSP subsidies page for more information.

Please see the frequently asked questions for more details.


To apply for a place on the TD1 course, please submit an online application (TD1.

To apply for a place on the TD2 course, please submit an online application (TD2).

Sample resources

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If you would like more information about the course please contact Jeff Trim, TD Course Leader.