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This is an online course to prepare students for the STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper). The STEP is an admissions test used primarily by the University of Cambridge and the University of Warwick.

The course will consist of ten online sessions, each lasting an hour. STEP Online will run from February through to June, with exact dates to be confirmed nearer the time. Once we have received bookings for this course, we will organise sessions at the most convenient time for course participants.


  • To introduce mathematical problems of the difficulty level of the STEP admissions tests.
  • To provide support for students preparing for the STEP admissions tests.

Who will benefit from attending?

Students who will be sitting one or more of the STEP papers in the summer of 2022.


Session number Session content
Session 1 Dividing by zero
Session 2 Inequalities and proof by induction
Session 3 Systematic search or proof by exhaustion
Session 4 Necessary and sufficient conditions
Session 5 Reduction ad absurdum and irrational numbers
Session 6 Curve sketching
Session 7 General solutions of trigonometric equations
Session 8 Differential equations
Session 9 Vectors
Session 10 Applied Mathematics (Mechanics and Statistics)

Live online sessions will include discussion of key points and examples from past papers. Course participants will be given access to recordings of the sessions if they are not able to attend a live session. Participants will also be given access to additional online resources including extra notes, exercise sheets and solutions.

Materials and Equipment

You will need a computer with a broadband internet connection, a microphone or headset, and a graphics tablet. Communication with the course tutor during the live sessions is via microphone or headset.


The cost of the course is £160.

Students from state-funded schools who are unable to pay this amount due to financial hardship may be eligible for a free place on the course. Contact your local Area Coordinator for more details.

Key Facts

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Target year:

Year 13

Curriculum focus:

University admissions tests

Mathematical focus:

Problem solving

Event format:

Student course

Event length:

10 hours

Online sessions:





Mon 7th Feb 2022



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If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

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