Pedagogy for A level Mathematics (PALM)


Pedagogy for A level Mathematics (PALM) is an online sustained professional development course exploring the underlying principles of effective A level Mathematics teaching. It is designed to support those new to teaching AS/A level Mathematics to develop their teaching skills.

The course focuses on the development of pedagogy in the A level classroom. Pedagogical themes such as questioning, multiple representations, use of technology and making connections between topics will be explored during the course.

Potential applicants should note that although topics from A level maths will be used throughout the course, participants are expected to have a secure knowledge of A level Mathematics content in advance of the course.

Course features:

  • Eight interactive online sessions focussed on developing effective pedagogy.
  • In-depth reflection on your practice, achieved over a sustained six-month period.
  • Textbooks to support your studies.
  • Access to online teaching and learning resources.


  • To understand the underlying principles of effective pedagogy for A level Mathematics.
  • To develop strategies for applying effective teaching approaches in your classroom.

Who will benefit from attending?

The Pedagogy for A level Mathematics course is designed for teachers who are new to teaching A level Mathematics, have a secure knowledge of the content of A level and wish to develop their pedagogy.  We highly recommend that participants have some A level Mathematics teaching on their timetable.


Participants on the Pedagogy for A level Mathematics course will be in groups of approximately 20 teachers who will work together for the duration of the course. Each group will have a specific course leader who will present the online sessions and be available for support throughout the course. The sessions will be fully interactive with the expectation that everyone will contribute verbally to discussions.

Materials and Equipment

A computer with a reliable internet connection will be required to access online sessions. In addition, a headset with microphone will enhance participation, both for contributing to discussions and for hearing those of others. We expect and encourage you to join with live video. A built-in webcam on a laptop, for example, is sufficient for this. 


The Pedagogy for A level Mathematics course is free of charge for teachers working in state-funded schools and colleges in England.  For others the course fee is £300.

State-funded schools and colleges located within Priority Areas are eligible to receive a subsidy of £500 to participate in the course. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, knowledge of this subject content is assumed.  The primary focus of the course is to support teachers with developing their pedagogy and it is therefore not designed to provide comprehensive coverage of the AS/A level content. For fuller coverage of AS/A level subject knowledge please see our range of Live Online Professional Development (LOPD) courses. We also offer other sustained professional development courses to support teachers new to teaching statistics or mechanics content of A level Mathematics.

The course is primarily designed for teachers who require support with developing their pedagogy during their early experiences of teaching A level Mathematics. It will provide particular support for those teaching AS/A level Mathematics for the first time. We recommend that teachers on the course are teaching AS/A level Mathematics at the time in order to get the most benefit.  

Many course participants in the position described in the question would benefit from the course because of the opportunity the course provides to reflect on aspects of pedagogy and explore some of the mathematical connections which are developed at A level.

Pedagogy for A level Mathematics has been designed by our team of TAM Course Leads and draws on elements of that course. Teachers who have participated in the TAM course will find that some of the course materials are repeated and we would recommend that people who have completed the TAM course should not do this course.

The key fixed commitment is the fortnightly online session which will last approximately 75 minutes. In addition to this, each session requires some preparatory work which is completed in the week prior to the session.  After each session an Interim Task is provided as a follow-up on the ideas covered in the session.

There is also an expectation that participants will keep a record of reflections during the course and submit this as part of a Course Portfolio at the end of the course.

It is not our usual policy to allow teachers to enrol on more than one sustained course (TAM, PALM, TFM, TM, TS, TD) at the same time. Please contact us at [email protected] before making multiple course applications.

Course assignments are optional but we strongly encourage participants to complete them in order to get the most out of the course. 

After each session an Interim Task based on the themes of the sessions will be made available.  The tasks are not designed to be onerous but instead will provide an opportunity to reflect on issues throughout the course.

Following the conclusion of the live sessions you will be encouraged to submit a Course Portfolio consisting of your reflections and a 500-word summary.  Further details of submission dates will be released during the course.

Yes, a certificate of course participation is available. This certificate is dependent on the participant engaging fully in the online sessions and submitting the Course Portfolio described above.

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Key Facts



Curriculum focus:

A level Mathematics

Mathematical focus:


Event format:

Sustained Professional Development

Event length:

6 months

Online sessions:



Free for state-funded schools; £300 otherwise

Priority Area subsidy:



If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Teacher Support Operations Team
[email protected]
01225 716494

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