"DIY" Maths Feast


Maths Feast is a fun educational challenge for Year 10 students which tests problem-solving and teamwork skills. Teams of four students will test their maths skills with our all-you-can-eat feast of problems!

We have altered the set-up for Maths feasts this year in the light of the changing situation we find ourselves in. If you have students in school while the Feast is run, you can set up your class(es) in a more traditional way, however, students can still access these materials from home.

There are several rounds requiring different skills and strategies for success. Each event takes between two and three hours and awards will be given for good teamwork and for the winning team of each round.

This is an opportunity for schools who can’t attend face-to-face Maths Feasts to "do it yourself" and run a Maths Feast in their school with their students, or enable students to engage with Maths Feast materials through their remote learning.

Unlike face-to-face Maths Feasts, although teams should consist of four students, there is no limit to the number of teams that a school can enter. Entering different sized teams to fit with your situation is acceptable, and you can also use the materials to support remote learning.

We reccomend schools take at least four days to run this event, so can run the Maths Feast over lunchtimes, after school or within maths lessons.

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  • Improve problem-solving skills using recreational maths
  • Improve teamwork and communication skills

Who will benefit from attending?

Maths Feast is open to all Year 10 students who want to improve their mathematical and teamwork skills.


What's on the menu? Well that would be telling...

We change the format and content of Maths Feast every year to keep the challenge exciting. However, we promise that content will be familiar or accessible to most Year 10s and could include both recreational and more traditional maths problems.

Practice resources and materials from previous Maths Feasts are available here.

Materials and Equipment

Calculators and equipment such as rulers and protractors are not permitted – this competition is based on your brain power alone!

Supporting remote learning 

The materials will be emailed to you prior to the competition. These materials use curriculum maths in engaging contexts. You could use them as class work, homework, online learning tasks, perhaps setting students in small breakout room groups, whole year group competitions etc. You will be provided with a full markscheme, so the materials are for you to use as you wish. The materials have been designed slightly differently this year due to COVID, so students can engage with them in groups or as individuals.

Other Information

Unlike face-to-face Maths Feasts, although teams should consist of four students, there is no limit to the number of teams that a school can enter.

Schools will be sent the materials electronically the Wednesday before the week of the Maths Feast. You will be provided with a markscheme to mark the rounds yourselves (or ask the students to) and issue the certificates yourself. Blank certificates for participation and winners will be emailed as part of the competition pack.

We are still running Maths Feasts, although due to COVID-19, they may look slightly different this year. If you sign up to our DIY Maths Feast you will have access to brilliant materials to enrich your students, which will support and embed the learning you are doing with them. You could use the materials in lessons, perhaps putting your students to work in groups to support their communication skills, you could use them as engaging homework tasks or even set up your own class-wide or year-wide competition.

The DIY Maths Feast uses the same material as the in-person/live online Maths Feats. Your students will not gain additional benefit from attending both types of Maths Feasts.


Year 10 students only, organised into groups of four. However, if you are using the materials virtually, you can organise it how you see fit! The materials are written for Year 10s.



Maths Feasts are free to attend.

For the first 100 state-funded schools in England to apply for the online Maths Feast, the AMSP will provide a bursary to help with printing costs of £2 per team up to a maximum of £20. We will provide full details on how to claim this bursary following your application.

Participant feedback

The best round was the relay, I enjoyed the pace and structure of it!
Four in a row was fun and fast paced. Had to work together and rely on teammates.
All the rounds were enjoyable and challenging.
All our students very much enjoyed working in teams and the competitive atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

This event is for Year 10 students. If this causes an issue, please contact [email protected].

You can enter as many teams as you would like.

The resources and teachers pack will be emailed to the school the Wednesday before the event starts.

The Maths Feast materials are the same at each event. However, if you wanted to run this event across different weeks for different Year 10 students this would be fine. You can either apply for 1 event and use the materials after the deadline or you can apply for each week separately.

There are four rounds. Each round will take around 30 minutes. How you divide this is up to the individual school.

A full markscheme will be provided when we send you the competition pack.

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Key Facts



Target year:

Year 10

Curriculum focus:

11-16 maths

Mathematical focus:

Problem solving

Event format:


Event length:

2 hours




If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Maths Feast team
[email protected]
01225 716492

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