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Online Meeting to discuss teaching during and after locjdown


These meetings will cover some of the overarching themes and curriculum in the new A level. They will be practical and hands-on, with a chance to explore resources and ideas as well as an opportunity to talk about issues that arise from the new curriculum.


This network meeting will offer an opportunity to share experiences of the successes and challenges of teaching mathematics since schools closed their doors.

There will be a chance to discuss and share your thoughts on:

  • the use of technology 
  • the impact on pedagogy
  • logistical challenges 
  • the effect on learning and the implications for September and beyond

There will also be a chance to talk about how you are motivating your students, tracking progress and managing expectations. In addition it would be good to hear about which skills and ideas have you developed whilst working remotely from your students that you will continue to use once you return to the classroom.

Joining instructions for the online meeting will be sent out shortly before the event and a link to the meeting will be emailed to you on the day of the meeting itself.

Key Facts

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Curriculum focus:

A level Mathematics, A level Further Mathematics

Mathematical focus:

Curriculum planning

Event format:

Network meeting

Event length:

2 hours




Tue 7th Jul 2020

Course times:

16:00 - 17:30


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If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

abigail Bown
[email protected]

The AMSP, through MEI, holds the NCETM CPD Standard

National Centre for Excellence in the teaching of Mathematics

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