London KS5 Conference 2020



Due to COVID-19, the London KS5 Conference has been cancelled.  We will look at the possibility of rescheduling the conference once things return to normal.


This event is being advertised in the hope that the coronavirus will allow it to run; we will reassess this frequently in the lead up to the event.  It is understood that any SLT approval is on the basis of the official guidance allowing attendance.

This year we will once again be running our KS5 Teacher Conference.  The day will feature:

  • Sharing Resources - Bring a resource you have used this year, take away everyone's!
  • The opportunity to attend 3 workshops (from a choice of 8)
  • Keynote lecture from Dr Lotte Kesner (Imperial College Admissions Tutor).


  • An opportunity to network with other teachers and share great resources.
  • An opportunity to consider pedagogy to support post 16 maths: Core Maths, A Level Maths and A Level Further Maths.

Who will benefit from attending?

This event would benefit any secondary maths teacher (those who teach post 16 mathematics, those who plan to teach it in the future and those that would like the opportunity to consider the maths their students will see post 16).  


Sharing Best Practice
Every year, feedback from the event tells us that you love this session!  As before, bring a resource to leave with ~100!  This is a wonderful opportunity to share some of the brilliant practice that takes places across our classrooms.  When considering your resource you may wish to consider: Why is it a good resource? How did your students benefit from it? What misconceptions did it challenge?  How did you use it? Please don't spend ages thinking of a resource, and remember it is fine to share a (referenced) resource from the internet.
Your resource should support Level 3 Maths (Core Maths, AS/A Level Maths, AS/A Level Further Maths or Maths Admissions Tests).
On the day, you'll need to bring ~15 copies, and you will need to email James an electronic copy to be shared before joining instructions are sent out.

Keynote Speaker - Dr Charlotte Kestner (Imperial College Admissions Tutor)
Charlotte Kestner is currently the admissions tutor for Imperial College Mathematics. Previously she has worked at the University of Central Lancashire and the University of Oxford (where she did interviews for New College). She will give a talk about mathematics at University level, focussing on university admissions – there will be lots of time to ask questions.

There will be the possibility of attending 3 workshops from the selection below.  The number in front identifies whether these will be offered in slot 1, 2 or 3.  Teachers will able to sign up to sessions on the day so if you have a particular desire to attend specific sessions please arrive at 9:30!

1a: Problem Solving and Complex Numbers - Luciano Rila - AMSP Area Coordinator/Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL Maths
Aimed at: This session is suitable for teachers with good knowledge of the complex numbers topics in Further Maths A Level (exponential form and roots of complex numbers, in particular)
In this session we will discuss strategies to tackle geometrical problems using complex numbers. These involve familiarity with roots of complex numbers and a willingness to draw helpful diagrams.

1b: Simple Practical Activities for A Level Mechanics - Toby Rome - AMSP National Coordinator
Aimed at: Current or prospective teachers of Mechanics in A level Mathematics; a reasonable knowledge of the course content will be assumed.
This session will explore how students’ understanding of mechanics can be enhanced by some easy to set up practical activities and demonstrations, without the need for fancy equipment. Please come prepared to get stuck in!

1c: Correlation across the curriculum (Core Maths) - Cat Van Saarloos - Core Maths Support and Development Coordinator
Aimed at: This session is for any teacher who wishes to increase collaboration with other subjects at A Level and find out more about the mathematical requirements across the curriculum. There will be no prior knowledge assumed and it should be of interest to prospective, new and experienced KS5 teachers.
During this session we will be focusing on Correlation:

  • Engaging ways to introduce it
  • Using technology to enhance it
  • Comparing differences in how it is assessed in other A levels

2a: Introducing the Poisson distribution - Paul Chillingworth - AMSP Statistics Professional Development lead
Aimed at: Teachers of Further Mathematics, but also suitable for teachers of A level who would like more background knowledge.
We will look at the properties of and a practical activity for introducing the Poisson distribution. We will explore how the distribution is linked to other topics in Further Maths.

2b & 3b: Brain Hacks (AS/A Level Pure Maths) - Natalie Vernon - AMSP A level Professional Development Coordinator (this session will be offered twice)
Aimed at: Teachers of A Level Maths
We will look at the cognitive science behind how we learn and consider why that matters for teaching A level mathematics. We will look at aspects of pure maths to demonstrate the cognitive load spectrum and to consider how they cause students problems in exams. If you attended my session last year on Making A Level Lesson Stand Out, I will be discussing the same memory model but will be exemplifying aspects of memory in a different way.

2c: AMSP Sustained Course: Taster Session - Toby Rome - AMSP National Coordinator
Aimed at: The session is suitable for current or aspiring teachers of A level. No specific A level content knowledge will be assumed.
The AMSP runs several courses that run from 6 to 12 months, with a focus on developing subject knowledge and pedagogy in A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics ( This is an opportunity to find out more details and sample a typical activity.

3a: The Best and Worst of Admissions Tests - Phil Chaffe - AMSP 16-19 Student Support Lead & Problem Solving PD Lead
Aimed at: A level maths teachers – the selected problems draw from techniques used throughout A level maths.
This session will introduce you to the types of questions that students encounter in the STEP, MAT and TMUA admissions tests. After a brief introduction to the tests, you will attempt some of the problems and decide if you think it is a good, bad or indifferent problem. The aim of the session is to give you an appreciation of the level of mathematics and problem solving required for these tests in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

3bSee 2b above (repeated session)

3c: Teaching Proof for the Single Maths A Level course - Angus Grogono - AMSP Area Coordinator
Aimed at: Teachers who have taught/are teaching the Single Maths A Level course and wish to develop the way they teach proof; also accessible to those who are familiar with the syllabus but who have not taught the course yet.  Familiarity with the central concepts of the A Level Pure maths course will be assumed.
Proof is central to 2017 specification Single Maths A Level course - as part of the assessment objectives, and as part of the new material that students are expected to understand. And it is one of the unique identifying aspects of our subject. 
But students find it hard. And we, as teachers, must find ways of bridging the gap between a rote-learned proof, and an appeal to the principles of logic. 
This session will offer a number of teaching approaches and resources, aimed to develop our handling of proof in the classroom. The session will be interactive.

Other Information

Each year the KS5 conference is over-subscribed; I would encourage you to request a place as soon as you have SLT approval (contact James if this is problematic).  As a result we will initially offer up to 2 teacher places to state funded schools & colleges (3 for those in a priority area such as Barking & Dagenham and Islington).

Independent schools and colleges are welcome to request a place, however due to the way the AMSP is funded, these will not be allocated until closer to the event.


This course is free of charge. Schools and colleges located within Priority Areas are eligible to receive a subsidy of £250 to contribute towards costs related to attendance

Key Facts

Event ref:




Curriculum focus:

A level Mathematics, A level Further Mathematics, Core Maths, University admissions tests

Mathematical focus:

Mechanics, Statistics, Pure, Problem solving, Reasoning

Event format:

Face-to-face Professional Development

Event length:

1 day


London and South East


Imperial College London


Fri 26th Jun 2020

Course times:

09:30 - 16:00

Priority Area subsidy:


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If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

James Morris
[email protected]
07887 508 386

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