Core Maths Conferences: Summer & Autumn Series



A free one-day professional development and networking conference, dedicated to exploring interesting and stimulating ways of introducing Core Maths topics in the classroom. The conference will also share resources for the teaching of Core Maths, including our free online Core Maths platform.

We welcome first time or returning Core Maths Conference delegates. Thanks to the wide array of optional workshops on offer, there’s something for everyone, so please feel free to sign up regardless of your level of experience with Core Maths or your past attendance to AMSP Core Maths events.

Who will benefit from attending?

These conferences are suitable for any teacher who is currently teaching Core Maths or who expects to do so in the near future. The content will be relevant to all of the Core Maths specifications.


Priority will be given to teachers from state-funded schools and colleges.


Delegates will have the opportunity to select two optional workshops for the morning sessions and will also attend a session on resources and a keynote plenary.

Keynote Plenary – Ben Sparks

Ben Sparks is a mathematician and musician who travels the country demonstrating the beauty of maths. He is a speaker and tutor based at the University of Bath, and is also a coordinator for the AMSP. His work as a freelance maths enrichment speaker has taken him around the world.

Optional workshops

Session TitleSession Description
Getting started with Core MathsThis is aimed at schools/colleges who are offering Core Maths for the first time in September 2019, or are planning to offer it in September 2020. The focus will be on strategies for how to plan and deliver Core Maths lessons, suggestions for promoting Core Maths, timetabling, support and professional development. There will also be time for asking any questions you may have about getting started with the course.
CorrelationThis session is aimed at those who are new to teaching Correlation. Correlation is in all the Core Maths specifications. This session will lead through a lesson on correlation and some ideas of how to teach it. We will also look at some examination questions from the different examination boards. You will need a laptop for this session.
Risky BusinessIn this session we explore how risks can be spun to look bigger or smaller simply by changing the way evidence is communicated. Research has shown that people's perception of risk is vulnerable to this type of manipulation, and it becomes particularly relevant where health issues are concerned. Medical treatments can be presented as miracle cures or as completely useless, and life style changes can be made to look imperative, or not worth bothering with, all by changing the way risk is presented. This session is aimed at prospective, current and experienced teachers of Core Maths.
Using Technology in Core MathsThis session will explore how online statistical tools and existing software such as Microsoft Excel and GeoGebra can be used to enhance Core Maths lessons. It is aimed at prospective, current and experienced teachers of Core Maths. You will need a laptop for this session.
Core Maths: Supporting Psychology & GeographyThis session is aimed at those that are new to teaching Core Maths and would be particularly valuable to those that have not taught any Level 3 Maths before. During the session we will model the teaching of central tendency and standard deviation in Core Maths. We will also look at how central tendency and spread is assessed in Psychology and Geography A level.

Resources session

This session is an opportunity to explore the resources on our free online Core Maths Platform for students, which is due to be unveiled during the 2019/2020 academic year. For those with more Core Maths experience, there will also be an opportunity for you to share your favourite resources.

We recommend that you bring a laptop for this session, but we will also provide paper copies of the some of the resources too.


This conference is free of charge to state-funded schools and colleges.

Schools and colleges located within Priority Areas are eligible to receive a further subsidy of £250 to support staff cover and travel costs.

Key Facts

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Curriculum focus:

Core Maths

Mathematical focus:

Statistics, Use of technology, Curriculum planning

Event format:


Event length:

1 day


North West


Manchester Meeting Place,
Sackvill Street Campus,
The University of Manchester,
Sackville St,
M1 3AL


Wed 19th Jun 2019

Course times:

10:00 - 15:15



TSMA subsidy:


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If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Teacher Support Operations Team
[email protected]
01225 716494

The AMSP, through MEI, holds the NCETM CPD Standard

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