GCSE Maths Conference: Making Connections

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A free one-day professional development conference, designed for teachers of GCSE maths. A key part of the new GCSE is linking across different areas of the curriculum. Making Connections aims to share ideas and strategies to support teachers in developing their students' cross-subject skills.

The conference covers content that is relevant to all GCSE specifications. 


  • Share ideas and strategies for developing learning in the GCSE classroom.
  • Share ideas and strategies for engaging students and extending their knowledge.
  • Network and share ideas with fellow teachers of GCSE Mathematics.

Who will benefit from attending?

This conference is suitable for any teacher of GCSE Mathematics who wishes to develop their professional practice and the learning of their students.


The conference will welcome two plenary speakers:

Carol Knights – Teaching for Mastery: Is it "Just good teaching"?

Carol is NCETM Director for Secondary Mathematics.

One of the phrases you often hear about Teaching for Mastery is “Oh, it’s just good teaching!”. Here, Carol will set out the need for our profession to approach things a little differently, and share some of the ways in which teachers on the secondary programme are developing their thinking about teaching maths. We’ll leave it to you to decide how the ideas of Teaching for Mastery fit with your own view of “good teaching” – and we invite spirited discussion over coffee afterwards!

Ben Sparks – Making the Emotional Connections

Ben is a mathematician and maths presenter, working regularly with Maths Inspiration, the AMSP and other maths communication opportunities.

In his plenary session, Ben will remind us of some surprises and shocks that help us connect maths topics together, and connect us to the maths topics.

Delegates will also attend two workshop sessions. When booking they will be asked to indicate four options in order of preference.

Session TitleSession Description
Making Connections with ProofStudents sometimes find the concept of proof challenging and have difficulties formulating the stages needed to formally prove a given result. In this session, delegates will explore proof across several topics, including both algebraic and geometrical approaches, and strategies to support students in developing their skills will be explored.
More than number patternsIn this workshop, we’ll make connections from primary maths education right through to A level maths, via fractals, proof, number sequences, modulo arithmetic, cryptography and algorithms. We'll keep you guessing as to what exactly we'll be looking at, but remember to bring a coin and some coloured pens. Dotty paper is provided!
Making Connections with TechnologyIn this session, we'll look at how you can extend standard textbook/exam questions by investigating them with technology. We'll cover strategies for turning many types of questions into problem-solving activities that allow students to make connections between different areas of maths. Delegates are requested to bring a phone, tablet or laptop to this session with the GeoGebra Graphing Calculator installed on it.
Cutting up squares: Enrichment material for KS3 and KS4How can you cut a 6 by 6 square into two pieces which can be rearranged to make a 9 by 4 rectangle? Can you dissect a square into triangles that are all acute angled? In this session, we’ll look at problems like these that provide enrichment material for KS3 and KS4 students across a wide range of attainment levels.
Practicing without them noticingPractising a technique repeatedly can be effective, but it can also lead your students to lose the will to live! There is also a temptation to remember a sequence of steps and cease thinking mathematically. You will have the opportunity to try out some tasks that offer this same practice but with a goal that prompts deep understanding and disguises the practice. We shall also consider ways to find or devise such tasks.
Provocative QuestionsIn this session, we will look at questions drawn from a range of topics that are designed to encourage deeper understanding and provoke genuine mathematical thinking. We will then devise our own ‘Provocative Questions’ that encourage the relational understanding that is essential for success at GCSE.
Thinking for reluctant thinkers!In this session, we will look at activities that are engaging and fun, and help learners to think and reason through problems to gain a deeper understanding of maths concepts. The session includes some Don Steward activities and division of fractions.
Not just fun, but also usefulThis session explores ways to help students appreciate the relevance of their studies to everyday life and potential careers. By using techniques familiar to teachers of Core Maths, we will approach GCSE topics from a contextualised viewpoint.


This conference is free of charge to state-funded schools and colleges. Teachers working in AMSP Priority Areas qualify for a £250 subsidy. Please visit the AMSP subsidies page for more information.

Key Facts

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Curriculum focus:

11-16 maths

Mathematical focus:

Problem solving, Use of technology

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Event length:

1 day


London and South East


8 All Saints St,
London ,
N1 9RL


Tue 16th Jul 2019

Course times:

09:30 - 15:30



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