Teaching A level Mathematics (TAM)


Teaching A level Mathematics (TAM) is a sustained professional development course, designed to support the development of teaching skills and subject knowledge of teachers new to teaching AS/A level Mathematics.

TAM features:

  • six course days, spread over 8 months, devoted to deepening subject knowledge, developing teaching approaches and reflecting on classroom practice
  • a formative lesson observation conducted by a subject specialist
  • textbooks to support your studies
  • access to online teaching and learning resources


  • Develop your confidence with the concepts in AS/A level Mathematics
  • Deliver more engaging and relevant maths lessons, with improved progress through differentiated learning

Who will benefit from attending?

The Teaching A level Mathematics (TAM) course has been designed to support teachers of GCSE Mathematics who wish to teach A level Mathematics for the first time. However, many teachers with experience of teaching A level Mathematics have enrolled on the course, often on the recommendation of colleagues who have completed TAM, in order to deepen their subject knowledge and gain new ideas for teaching.

Course days

In 2021-22 we will be running four TAM courses around England.  There will be courses hosted in venues in Birmingham, Exeter, London and Manchester. 

All venues follow the same pattern of study days as shown in the table below. All days run from 1000-1600.

Day Format When?
1 A single weekday November
2 A single weekday January
3 & 4 Two consecutive weekdays March
5 & 6 Two consecutive weekdays



In order to participate in the TAM course, you must be teaching in a state-funded school or college in England.

In addition, applicants must have a minimum of two hours or two lessons per week of AS/A level or IB Mathematics on their timetable for the whole academic year.  This teaching should include the teaching of some pure maths content within AS/A/IB level Mathematics (i.e. not only statistics and/or mechanics content). The teaching must be timetabled lessons to an entire class and the applicant must be the member of staff who has sole responsibility for planning and teaching this content and these lessons every week. Please note that small group tutorials, revision groups or team teaching are not acceptable.

Please see our criteria for offering places document for more information.


The course fee for TAM is £600. The fee covers the course days, two years access to MEIs online Integral resources, including additional extensive course materials, and textbooks covering A level Mathematics content.

If you are working in a state-funded school or college, participation in this course attracts a reimbursement of course fees plus £400, subject to engagement and completion of the course.

Schools and colleges located within Priority Areas are eligible to receive a further subsidy of £200 to support staff cover and travel costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The primary focus of the TAM course is to help teachers new to teaching A level develop their teaching skills alongside thinking about the subject. The course therefore does not teach or cover the content of A level Mathematics comprehensively.

The course supports the development of subject knowledge by exploring a small number of key themes e.g. calculus, trigonometry, on course days and giving course participants access to an extensive set of online resources and A level textbooks.

However, for fuller coverage of AS/A level subject knowledge please see our range of Live Online Professional Development (LOPD) courses. We also offer other sustained professional development courses to support teachers new to teaching statistics or mechanics content of A level Mathematics.

The course is primarily designed for teachers who require support in order to teach A level Mathematics for the first time and would otherwise not teach at this level. However, many course participants in the position described in the question say that they have benefited from the course, having gained deeper insights and that their A level teaching has become far more effective.

If you feel that your A level Mathematics subject knowledge is secure and you want some professional development to focus solely on the development of your pedagogy then our ‘Pedagogy for A level Mathematics’ course might be of interest.

Over the 8 months of the course you will be expected to attend 6 Study Days, engage with the subject content of A level maths, prepare for Study Days with course readings and other tasks, and prepare for a school-based visit with feedback.  The amount of time this takes will depend largely on how challenging you find the content of A level maths.

It is not our usual policy to allow teachers to enrol on more than one sustained course (TAM, PALM, TFM, TM, TS, TD) at the same time. Please contact us at [email protected] before making multiple course applications.

 At the start of the course, you will know which topics will be covered on each course day. In advance of each course day there will be suggested work to help you prepare for the day in the form of working through part of a textbook chapter, looking at online resources or reading an article to stimulate your thinking. On a typical course day there will be three maths sessions (focussing on the pure maths content of A level maths and with a specific pedagogical focus such as use of questioning, use of technology, insights through multiple representations, differentiation, group work, assessment, etc). In addition there will be at least one session when the group reflects on the experience and how it can be adapted for use in your own classrooms. On occasion, participants may be required to prepare short presentations to describe to a small group of peers the impact of a resource or teaching approach on their students.

If you no longer meet the teaching requirements as outlined in the eligibility section or 'criteria for offering places' document then you will need to withdraw from the course immediately.

Participants who actively participate in all course days, complete the school-based lesson observation and submit a course portfolio will receive a TAM Certificate. The course portfolio consists of maths assignments based on exam-style questions and reflections on pedagogical themes throughout the course.

The Preparing to teach A level Mathematics only ran in the 2020-21 academic year and has been replaced with the Pedagogy for A level Mathematics course.  Both these courses have been designed by our team of TAM Course Leads and draw on elements of the TAM course.  All three courses are designed to support teachers who are new to teaching A level Mathematics but the emphasis of the Preparing to teach A level Mathematics  and Pedagogy for A level Mathematics is the development of pedagogy and is aimed at teachers with secure A level maths subject knowledge.  TAM supports some subject knowledge development as well as considering effective pedagogy.  Given these differences we think that teachers who have completed the Preparing to teach A level Mathematics/Pedagogy for A level Mathematics courses should not do TAM as well.  

Yes, your colleague could well have completed a TAM course with a greater number of Study Days and school visits. Given the ongoing situation with COVID-19 and the long-lasting effects on schools we decided that for 2021-22 we would start the TAM course later in the year in November (rather than in July as in previous years) in order to allow the situation in schools to settle down. The knock-on effect is that the TAM course needs to take place over a shorter time period and so we have developed a six Study Day version of the course with a single school visit.  The essence and aims of the course are the same and we will be using it as a trial to help inform future iterations of the TAM course.

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A level Mathematics

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Sustained Professional Development

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8 months

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