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Unlock the power of Desmos in your classroom ...

"The course was BRILLIANT - I had no idea how much more I would easily be able to do on Desmos."

The Desmos Graphing Calculator is a free tool that can be used on a number of different devices: laptops, tablets or phones. In this live online webinar, we will look at how the effective use of Desmos can help to deepen students’ understanding of statistics.  

The webinar will include graphing calculator skills and a discussion of how this will help students develop their understanding of statistics in GCSE and A level Mathematics. 

The webinar will feature approximately 45 minutes of delivered content on how to use Desmos for statistics. Teachers can interact by asking private questions to the presenters in this time. This will be followed by an opportunity for teachers to interact more openly by chatting with other participants on the webinar. 

A recording of the first 45 minutes will be available to applicants after the webinar; the final 15 minutes of interaction will not be recorded.


  • To develop your skills when using the Desmos Graphing Calculator
  • To consider effective strategies for using Desmos in GCSE and A level Mathematics

Who will benefit from attending?

This webinar is ideal for all teachers of GCSE or A level Mathematics who want to make greater use of technology in their teaching. Please join us to see how easy it is to use Desmos.

Absolute beginners to Desmos are welcome - no prior knowledge or experience will be assumed.

"The way it was delivered allowed a bit of toe dipping into the wide realm of Desmos functionality. But crucially delivered in a way that gives enough confidence to have a go at any aspect!" 

Presenting Team

Natalie Vernon
Natalie Vernon
A level Maths Professional Development Coordinator


Sarah Denison
Sarah Denison
Maths Education Support Leader


Tom Button
Tom Button
AMSP Technology PD Lead


    Teaching statistics with Desmos

    • Working with lists of data
    • Averages: mean and median
    • Measures of spread: standard deviation and interquartile range
    • Charts: dot plots, box plots and histograms
    • Scatter plots and lines of best fit/regression
    • Importing data, including the A level large data sets
    • Sampling from a data set

    Materials and equipment

    Delegates will be expected to join this session via an internet-connected computer or tablet. 

    Other information

    The online webinars will take place via a Zoom webinar and be recorded. Recordings will be made available to all teachers enrolled and subsequently will also be made available on the AMSP website. Individual teachers will not be identified within the recording.


    This webinar is only open to teachers working in state-funded schools or colleges in the UK.


    This course is free of charge to teachers working in state-funded schools, colleges and academies in England.

    Key facts

    • Reference:#12645
    • Audience:Teachers
    • Curriculum focus:11-16 Maths, A level Mathematics
    • Mathematical focus:Use of technology, Statistics
    • Format:Online
    • Duration:1 hour(s)
    • Online sessions:1
    • Region:National
    • Fee:Free for state-funded schools


    If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

    Teacher Support Team
    [email protected]

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