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This one-day conference has been organised jointly by the AMSP and the West Midlands Maths Hubs and will showcase current, outstanding professional development opportunities for teachers of mathematics in our communities.


To enrich teachers with new ideas to use in their A Level and Core Maths classrooms.

To bring together teachers of level 3 qualifications in order to discuss their classroom practice.

To highlight the professional development and student enrichment opportunities the AMSP and Maths Hub programmes offer at Level 3.

Who will benefit from attending?

This conference would be an excellent opportunity for all current, past or future teachers of level 3 maths qualifications to take part in engaging talks and sessions and share ideas with fellow A Level and Core Maths teachers.


The conference will consist of a keynote talk from Ben Sparks on "The Creation of Number" and a variety of workshops for delegates to engage with.

Ben is a mathematician, musician, and public speaker. He gives maths talks and workshops around the world, to students, teachers, and the general public. He’s part freelance and part time with the Advanced Maths Support Programme (AMSP), and he’s based at the University of Bath, where he teaches on the Maths Communication undergraduate module. His performances include regular work with the Numberphile YouTube channel (run by Brady Haran) where his videos have been watched over 16 million times. He also runs his own YouTube channel SparksMaths.

Ben's talk on the creation of number is an entertaining journey through humanity’s mathematical attempts to wrestle with the deepest questions behind our day-to-day use of numbers, and their consequences.

The available workshops are being delivered by members of the Maths Hubs and AMSP teams, set around some of the work they have engaged with this year. The details of these workshops are listed below in the Student Schedule section. You will be asked to select your workshop choices after you have completed the initial registration form.

Materials and equipment

Materials for the sessions will be provided on the day. We may ask you to bring a laptop or alternative device on the day depending on your choice of workshops.

Other information

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Study schedule

Workshop 1 | Session Option 1

Developing enthusiatic problem solvers at A Level - Richard Stakes

How to improve student outcomes for ALL A-level students, by encouraging them to develop their skills and confidence in Problem-Solving.

Workshop 1 | Session Option 2

Creating Fermi estimation questions - Claire Wilson

How we can use everyday objects as inspiration to create Fermi style estimation questions.

Workshop 1 | Session Option 3

How do we utilise mastery principles in key stage 5? - Tom Carpenter

Given the focus on Teaching for Mastery in primary and secondary maths education in recent years, why is there not a more explicit remit for it at key stage 5? Let us investigate how representation, mathematical thinking, fluency and, most notably, variation could and maybe should play their part.

Workshop 2 | Session Option 1

Meaningful Learning in A Level - Alex Jacques-Williams

Understanding how we learn can inform your A level maths teaching for maximum impact. Making learning meaningful creates conceptual learning and has the potential to simplify how we approach curriculum design to create more time to delve deeper into the content.

Workshop 2 | Session Option 2

Probability and risk - James Maloney

This workshop will cover probability and risk across the specifications. It will also look at the way less obvious uses of probability from GCSE can be used to introduce other topics in Core Maths. There will be a discussion around what understanding of probability is needed for critical analysis.

Workshop 2 | Session Option 3

Tinkerplots: The best stats software nobody's heard of - Martin Withington

A demonstration of a piece of software that offers great opportunities for easily analysing data and then discussing the implications.

Workshop 3 | Session Option 1

Supporting students with lower prior attainment to succeed at A Level - Bob Finch

Reporting the findings of our work group, which has focused on supporting students who started an A level course with a grade 6 at GCSE.

Workshop 3 | Session Option 2

Making maths real; using students' life situations to inspire and motivate - Tom Rainbow

Using contexts that students can relate to, that they recognise as being relevant to their lives, can be transformational In this session we will explore the use of context by taking a 'deep dive' into a set of activities that have been designed with relevance, usefulness and authenticity as top priorities.

Workshop 3 | Session Option 3

Admissions tests and challenging A Level students - Christine Watson

Looking for challenge for your students? Find out how to use the admissions test questions to develop your students' problem solving and reasoning skills, and learn how to explicitly develop these skills in your classroom.

Key facts

  • Reference:#12804
  • Audience:Teachers
  • Curriculum focus:A level Mathematics, Core Maths, A level Further Mathematics
  • Mathematical focus:Problem solving
  • Format:Face-to-face
  • Duration:6 hours
  • Region:West Midlands
  • Venue:University of Wolverhampton, Walsall Campus
    Gorway Road
    West Midlands
    WS1 3EZ
  • Start date:17 Jun 2024
  • Course times:09:30 - 15:30
  • Fee:Free
  • TSMA subsidy:Any Coventry, Stoke-on-Trent, Walsall or Wolverhampton school being represented at the conference will have access to £200 funding.


If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Tom Carpenter
[email protected]

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