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Raj Kumar, AC for Bradford and North/West Leeds

Tom Roper was one of the first teachers to work with the Mechanics in Action Project, writing classroom materials, co-authoring A level mechanics textbooks and using the mechanics kit in school. He has written articles on the applications of A level mechanics in sport, and has a strong interest in the role mathematics plays within other subjects on the curriculum. He was the President of The Mathematical Association from 2017 to 2018.

Tom will present at our upcoming A level Mechanics Professional Development day in Brighouse on 20 March. Delegates will be shown practical demonstrations of mechanics principles, with a lot of discussion on modelling, and you’re encouraged to come with any questions you have about mechanics. Towards the end of the sessions there will be an opportunity to have your queries addressed, as well as refreshment and lunch breaks.

You can explore the full details in our event description. We look forward to seeing you for some mechanics in motion!

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