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In England, entries for Core Maths increased by 30% this year; entries for A level Mathematics were up 2.6%, and for Further Mathematics the increase was 2.9%. The increase in the number of girls taking A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics was greater than for boys. These are all very encouraging figures. The AMSP has worked hard to support schools and colleges to increase participation in maths post-16, particularly focusing on promoting maths to increase girls’ participation and improve the gender balance.

Kevin Lord, Programme Leader for the AMSP, commented:

We are delighted to see that many more young people, particularly young women, are choosing to study Core Maths, and A level Mathematics and A level Further Mathematics. These are important and well-regarded qualifications and students who have studied these courses will be well prepared mathematically for further study and their future careers.

Whilst the awarding of grades this summer was different to normal due to the cancellation of examinations, the AMSP is pleased that level 3 mathematics outcomes remain strong. We encourage students who have narrowly missed out on grades for their intended university course to contact the university as it is expected there will be increased flexibility in many cases due to the unique circumstances this summer.

The AMSP continues to work with schools and colleges to support the teaching of Core Maths, and AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. We aim to ensure that all students have the opportunity to study maths post-16 and fulfil their potential.

MEI has published a media release with further analysis of the results.

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