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The AMSP offers a range of resources and events for students. Below are details of our online events that can be joined as a class in school. Some of them can also be joined by individual students, so may be of interest for those who are isolating.

Online Maths Feast

This is an annual AMSP event, which is being delivered online this year, that provides the opportunity for Year 10 students to work collaboratively on their problem-solving and reasoning skills in teams of four. You can view more information and reserve your table at a national Online Maths Feast on the AMSP website. We’re also running a local Online Maths Feast specifically for schools in Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

Students can get practicing with materials from previous servings of the Maths Feast on the AMSP website. You could use one round per week in the classroom if you’re looking for short enrichment activities.


  • Although the Senior Team Maths Challenge (STMC) can’t take place this year, the Junior and Intermediate Challenges are now open for booking, with entries closing for the Intermediate Challenge soon! You could also use past materials or the online challenges in school for enrichment.
  • Try an in-house follow up to the MEI Desmos Art Competition.
  • Have a go at the Data Challenges from Girls in Data (not just designed for girls!). These Zoom sessions were recorded, so may be helpful for students who are isolating.

New Online Enrichment Events

This year, the AMSP has launched two new Online Enrichment Events, How much is too much?and Race to the target! Further events are planned for later in 2021. The events are designed for Year 10 students and are initially being offered online. Schools can join from a classroom or hall, or sign up individual students that are isolating. Schools are sent information and relevant materials for each event in advance, along with teacher notes, as they may also have a role during the session.

By Christine Watson

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