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Christine Watson, AC for Worcestershire, Herefordshire and North Gloucestershire

Did you enjoy the Year 10 Maths Feast? Then sign up for the Picnic, a fantastic enrichment opportunity similar in design to the Feast.

There will be a series of different mathematical puzzles and activities that involve problem solving and reasoning, each requiring good teamwork to solve efficiently. The event is designed to enrich Year 9’s maths experience, stretching and challenging their current mathematical conception whilst promoting positive images of maths.

Year 9 pupils will work in teams of three. We expect schools to bring at least two teams each, with one adult for every two teams. There must be at least one member of teaching staff, but they can be accompanied by a non-teacher, for example, a sixth former. The event will last 2 hours. The Picnic will take place around the region. To browse the venues, search our events listing.

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