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What is the A level Further Mathematics qualification?

A level Further Mathematics is a second A level in maths that broadens and deepens the maths covered in A level Mathematics.

It’s studied alongside, or following, A level Mathematics.

AS and A level Further Mathematics are two separate qualifications. An AS qualification is half the size of an A level qualification. AS Further Mathematics is graded A-E, and A level Further Mathematics is graded A*-E.

Although AS levels have generally fallen in numbers, Further Mathematics is still a very valuable qualification that gives students one and a half A levels in maths, and introduces key topics, such as matrics and complex numbers.

Why A level Further Mathematics is a valuable qualification?

A level Further Mathematics is often taken by students who wish to apply for a degree in Mathematics or another subject that involves degree-level maths. As such, it’s also an excellent preparatory subject for careers involving higher-level maths.

Most students studying A level Further Mathematics will be studying four A levels, demonstrating their organisational skills as they have to manage an increased workload.

Students who study A level Further Mathematics will have strong problem-solving skills. They develop strong resilience and determination when searching for solutions to complicated problems, demonstrating high logical skills. In addition, they form strong written communication and verbal skills when explaining how they have arrived at a solution or proof.

If you think A level Further Mathematics will be useful for a career in your business, we encourage you to refer to it in your job advertisements, even if it’s just desirable rather than essential. If young people see that you value the knowledge and skills A level Further Mathematics develops, they will be encouraged to choose to study it.

What’s studied in A level Further Mathematics?

Overarching themes: Mathematical argument, language and proof. Mathematical Problem solving. Mathematical modelling.

The use of technology must permeate the study of AS and A level Further Mathematics.

All qualifications include the Pure Mathematics topics:

Complex numbers
Hyperbolic functions
Further Calculus
Polar coordinates
Differential equations

They also include optional components from additional pure maths topics and/or:

Statistics – E.g. Probability distributions, Hypotheses testing, Inference, Confidence Intervals, Sampling distributions ……

Mechanics -E.g. Work, Energy and Power, Collisions, Momentum and Impulse, Centre of Mass, Circular Motion ……..

Decision Maths
– E.g. Graphs and Networks, Critical Path Analysis, Binary Operations, Linear Programming, Game theory ……

You can find more detail about the content of the Further Mathematics A level on the government website. If you want to know what a particular candidate has studied, it’s best to check their specifications.

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