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AS and A level Mathematics are two separate qualifications. An AS qualification is half the size of an A level qualification. AS Mathematics is graded A-E, and A level Mathematics is graded A*-E.

Several different awarding bodies offer AS and AS level Mathematics. If you are interested to see the detailed maths content, it’s best to check the specifications. These are available on the awarding bodies’ websites and can easily be found by searching for them. A summary of the specifications currently taken by most students in England is available on our A level Mathematics curriculum page; however, there was a significant change in 2017 and those who studied AS/A level Mathematics before then will have covered different content.

A level Mathematics is the most popular of all A levels taken in England. Young people recognise that it’s a highly desirable qualification that can help them achieve their aspirations for further study and their future career.

Studying AS/A level Mathematics helps students develop a logical approach to problem-solving, as well as their mathematical knowledge and skills. It is therefore useful preparation a wide range of careers.

If AS and/or A level Mathematics would be useful preparation for a career in your industry, please consider making reference to them in your published recruitment criteria. Whilst they may not be essential requirements, you might state that they are useful preparation and that you look positively on applicants offering them.

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