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GCSE Mathematics is more demanding than ever, with new Higher Tier content supporting a national drive to increase the number of students studying maths post-16.

To support teachers new to this specification, we are offering some innovative one-day courses this term. These ‘Discover’ courses follow the development of a particular topic – Quadratics or Trigonometry – from Key Stage 3 to A level Mathematics, considering a range of ideas whilst also reflecting on the teaching, and the ‘big picture’ of each topic within the wider curriculum. They are designed to support teachers’ own understanding of key Higher Tier topics, so that they can confidently lead their students through GCSE into studying post-16 maths.

These courses are great for NQTs and RQTs, and are quite unlike anything else that they have seen to date. We’ve found that with the new pedagogy necessary for the problem-solving elements of the new specification and examinations, these courses are appropriate for all of us – even those of us who have taught GCSE Mathematics for a long time – just to refresh our ideas and resources.

We are very excited to be delivering these new courses at Loughborough and hope you will join us.

By Nicki Timson

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