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Thirteen of us gathered together to investigate Core Maths teaching on Thursday 5th December. Jo Deko and Tom Rainbow gave us the opportunity to observe them giving a demonstration taster lesson to year ten students. Rooms were rather crowded with five observers per lesson; however, students and observers gained a proper insight into Fermi estimates, including the bath problem (‘How many bathtubs full of liquid will you drink in your lifetime?’), using a quick decision quiz and guided examples. It was fascinating to see how students moved from wildly varying estimates to much more consistent answers, even when a few decided that their baths were three metres long. 

It was really helpful being able to share experiences with other teachers, but also gain from the expertise and knowledge of Tom and Jo. Bola Abiloye presented a session in the afternoon drawing from her extensive experience in making use of pre-release material for different exam boards. Feedback about Core Maths suggests that teachers would like to have structured resources that students can access and some example teaching orders or plans for both one year and two year courses. The AMSP has developed a collection of learning resources, which include videos and interactive resources that are helpful to those studying Core Maths. The resources are stored on our online platform. Schools and colleges that have registered with the AMSP are able to use this platform, and can request access to it for students, as well as for teachers.

We felt very warmly welcomed by Queens’ School in Bushey who went out of their way to make arrangements for us and provide excellent catering. It was really encouraging to have an introduction from one of their senior staff explaining the school’s commitment to the course.


  • “Really enjoyable day”
  • “Exactly what I needed. Best course I have been on for ages.”

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